This was one of the earliest games we made on PCs. The first version was developed over night using what was then a really cool tool Visual Basic 1. As technology changed, we made several other versions. This one is the latest made for the Internet.
We have always been entertained by speeches delivered by politicians. We noticed the way they give long speeches, use big words and don't really say much. We thought that we could do the same. This is our contribution to create speeches that sound great but don’t say anything.
The first memory game was developed a long time ago to play on the computer with our kids and make them feel comfortable with using the computers. As pictures on cards we used their drawings. The game retained its sentimental value to this day.
We all played the mastermind game in our young days. We played it on paper in front of us, as a board game and now on the web. Media changes, but the fun remains the same.
Build a working mechanism prototype. Combine the engine and cogs to build the complex mechanism. Start the engine to see the whole mechanism working.
Didn't we all cut interesting pictures from newspapers and magazines in our youth? We felt need to preserve them in some way. This gallery serves the same purpose. It is just a different technology.