Our Products

We have developed several lines of products over years: CRM Based Applications, On-Line Web Services, Integration Projects, Phone App, Web Portal Platform. See more details on our web site dedicated specifically to software development... More
We have been developing systems for insurance industry for more than 10 years. During that time we have worked on range of products from broking to underwriter systems. See details on our site dedicated to our insurance offer... More
Our Membership Management System consists of three products integrated into one complete solution: in-house member processing, members' on-line services and phone app. Find more details on our membership system web site... More
Our Legal Management system offers two products integrated in one solution: a system for modern and efficient management of your legal practice and phone app. Check our legal management system web site... More
Most of our web sites (including this one) are made using the power of our web portal. It is a platform developed to help web designers build fast dynamic web sites easy to maintain. Find all information on our web portal web site... More
Providing creative and attractive design is an integrated part of every web and product development. We have designed many web sites, on-line magazines. See our portfolio on our design web site... More